Bank Locally social media contest

Are you going to be in the Washington, D.C. area in April? Or maybe you have a color printer nearby? Either way, YOU can enter ICBA’s #BankLocally Social Media Contest! All that is needed is a photo of you and one of the four #banklocally messages. Tweet that to @ICBA using #BankLocally and you’re entered! Deadline is Thursday, May 1 at 5 p.m. (eastern).

For additional information about the contest, visit ICBA’s Go Local page.

Ways to celebrate Community Banking Month

Hey community banks – looking for ideas on how to spread the word about Community Banking Month? Why not try one of these ideas:

  • Give banks tours or visit local schools;
  • Decorate the bank lobby
  • Profile and highlight your small business customers

ICBA pinFor additional marketing ideas, visit ICBA’s Go Local page.


Coastal Community Bank to forgive loans on cars, homes destroyed in Washington mudslide

Coastal Community Bank in Washington’s CEO Eric Sprink told local reporter Carleen Johnson from KOMO Newsradio that “Coastal Community Bank is ready to stand behind our customers, and if they are not insured and they owe us that debt, we will forgive that debt.”

For the full story, visit


Throughout the Washington, D.C. area, a series of brand awareness messages are going up in WMATA rail cars, buses and throughout the Capitol South metro station. These messages will be up throughout the month of April in conjunction with ICBA’s Community Banking Month.

Check out below for some of the photos:


Above is a photo of marketing on a Blue Line train car headed toward Largo. Below is a photo of a floor sign thousands of busy Washingtonians will see on a daily basis at the Capitol South station.


The entire department smiling with a wall of positive brand awareness! (below)


For community bankers, visit ICBA’s Go Local page for customizable materials to use in your community throughout April. For those visiting the Washington, D.C. area throughout April – tweet us (@ICBA) photos of signs you see with the hashtag #BankLocally!

Community Banking Month

ICBA Community Banking Month starts on April 1 and we are looking for you to send us your photos, events, stories and other ideas on ways you are celebrating your local community bank throughout the month! Community banks put local deposits back to work in their communities, are expert small-business and agricultural lenders, and support economic sustainability – and we are encouraging everyone to reinforce, promote and emphasize this throughout the month of April. 

Maybe your community bank is hosting an event that highlights your customers, or perhaps there’s a local fair that your community bank is participating in? Tweet with the #BankLocally hashtag and share photos with ICBA on Facebook or Twitter. We will share community bank posts and showcase their celebrations across the nation!

For community bank materials, visit ICBA’s Go Local page.

ICBA pin

Happy ICBA Community Banking Month!

America Saves Week

Today kicks off the annual America Saves Week, which is a campaign aimed to create awareness for creating savings funds, building emergency funds and assessing savings plans.

In case you need any ideas on how to become a better saver yourself, ICBA offers the following tips to help Americans get started on their personal savings:

  1. Set a goal: People are more successful when they have certain goals in mind, so create and share a savings goal with your family and friends. Start small—even saving your loose change can get you somewhere. Aim to start a path toward building an emergency fund of savings with six to nine months of living expenses.
  2. Make a plan: By creating a spending plan, list your expenses and compare them to your income. The plan will help prioritize what are necessities and wants for the month. Attempt to use your credit cards more efficiently, too. Doing that can help ensure that you will not take on too much debt and can minimize interest charges.
  3. Save automatically: Many employers offer regular payroll deduction, which is one of the best ways to start and keep saving money. Make it a routine to automatically put aside a certain amount of money each paycheck, or ask your community bank to make an automatic transfer from your checking to savings account each month.

What to know before applying for a small business loan

ICBA’s Terry Jorde, senior executive vice president and chief of staff, was recently featured in Black Enterprise discussing what small business owners should know before applying for a small business loan. Terry gives great advice and suggestions such as having a good goal and business plan in mind prior to seeking the loan.

Are YOU a small business owner? What suggestions/advice would you give to other entrepreneurs getting into the game?