Eastern Kentucky Community Bank Rebuilds After Devastating Tornado

Citizens Bank in West Liberty, Kentucky rebuilt one of its locations after a devastating tornado destroyed the building more than a year ago. Check out the video (link above) from a local news station that highlights this amazing story. While the bankers may have been knocked down, they are tough and certainly won’t stay down!

America Saves Week Wrap-Up

Just because America Saves Week has ended doesn’t mean you should stop saving and reaching financial goals. After all, saving is a yearlong and lifelong priority!

So tell us, how did you participate in America Saves Week? Are you a community bank that encouraged your customers to open savings accounts or set aside a dollar a day? Are you someone who’s just starting to save? Or are you a mom or dad that discussed the importance of financial independence with your kids? No matter what your situation is, we want to hear about it! Send us ways you save money or are reducing your debt and you might be featured on our Go Local blog!

Didn’t get a chance to chat with a local community banker in your area about ways you can start saving? Visit to find a community bank in your town today. Want to learn more about community banks and the local investments they make each and every day? Visit and follow @ICBA on Twitter.

– Terry Jorde, senior executive vice president/chief of staff at ICBA