Citizens Bank of Edmond Goes Local With Oklahoma Farmers Market

Citizens Bank of Edmond, which has helped customers in Oklahoma for more than 112 years, has always been in touch with their local community. When it comes to helping folks find fresh produce, the bank continues to be forward thinking!

Located right across the street from the local Edmond, Okla., farmers market, Citizens employees have the opportunity to interact with shoppers and vendors. After observing for a bit, new in 2013, the bank is providing reusable grocery bags for farmers market customers to carry their fresh fruits, veggies and other locally made goods. These bags not only remind customers the importance of going local and to “go green,” but also provides an easy way to transport local products home.

Every spring, bank employees are some of the most excited Edmond residents to see the farmers market come back to town!


Tell us about your community’s farmers market! Are you a community bank who sponsors a market in your town? Let us know! We’re always encouraging people to bank local, dine local and shop local.

Each Friday this May, be on the lookout for Go Local’s Friday Farmers Market posts. We’re highlighting the great works community banks from across the country do with their local markets.


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