August is Family Fun Month!

It’s crazy to realize that July is over in a few hours, and soon we’ll already eight months into 2013!

August is Family Fun Month. Are there certain activities you and your family plan on participating in throughout the month of August before the kids go back to school? There are probably plenty of local events, activities and things to do around your town!

American’s prefer local community banks

In a recently released survey from, more than 41 percent of Americans prefer banking with local community banks instead of credit unions or national banks.

Over 41 percent of Americans Prefer Banking with Local Community Banks - GBR logo - percentages only

What do you think? Are you part of that 41.2 percent of people who prefer local community banks?

Go Local This Summer

With heat waves picking up over most of the country, how do you plan on staying cool this weekend? Trips to the local water park or nearby beach? Maybe you’re making it your mission to try every single ice cream shop in town (yum!). Whatever it is, we want to hear it!


My Definition of Community Banking

Mark Ellingson explains his definition of community banking on Lewis and Clark Bank’s blog. In his opinion, there are seven principles that outline a community bank’s responsibility to its clients and community.

What about you? What is YOUR definition of a community bank?

Summer travel tips

Planning on traveling near or far this summer? ICBA has released a few tips that might be worth looking into with your community bank. These tips might be able to help you prepare and plan for your finances while on vacation with your loved ones.

Some of the tips include:

  • Let your community bank know when and where you will be traveling so that you will avoid any potential denials or fraud alerts when out-of-the-ordinary transactions are presented. This is crucial for international travel.
  • Bring a list of emergency phone numbers. Be sure to get a number for your bank that you can call if you’re out of the country.
  • Check your available balances before you leave. Know the limits on how much cash you can withdraw or purchases you can make.

Are you planning on traveling during the Fourth of July weekend? Maybe staying local and watching fireworks from your hometown? Let us know!