Back-to-School Backpack Promotion!

TCM Bank, N.A., had an event that benefited both community bank customers and local students earlier this summer. The idea behind the promotion was to help community banks grow their credit card portfolio while giving back to the students in their communities.

“This promotion was very successful because it combined the best things about community banking – high-quality personalized service and an excellent credit card offering and support for a local community,” Paul Weston, president and CEO of TCM Bank, N.A.

Nearly 70 community banks participated in the promotion. Forty-eight backpacks were given out to children, complete with school supplies, Frisbees and T-shirts. Some banks held a community day event for their bank in conjunction with local youth organizations.


Here are a few items that were included in the backpacks given out.

S. Phillip Collins, president and CEO of Sound Bank in Morehead City, N.C., said that this campaign was truly a win-win situation. “As our area’s hometown community bank, we continually strive to give our customers the personal service they deserve,” he said.


Here’s a photo of Karen Stephenson of TCM Bank, N.A., helping to stuff the backpacks.

What about you? Was there anything in your community to help get kids geared up for going back-to-school?


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