Waterford Bank, Norman and Louise Jones Foundation: Financial Literacy Development

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Waterford Bank, N.A. of Toledo, Ohio is committed to the financial education of their local community’s youth by partnering with the Norman and Louise Jones Foundation, whose mission is to enrich youth through education and professional development. Throughout 2014, the bank has worked with the NLJ Foundation to open the Career Pathway Center, a complex that houses dedicated financial education classroom called the “Money Smart” room.

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The Career Pathway Center is open every Saturday and is regularly staffed with Waterford Bank employees who instruct children ages 8-24 on banking basics, such as the difference between credit and debit, how to write a check, keeping track of a savings and checking account, and the roles of a bank. In addition to financial literacy, Waterford Bank help inspire the kids toward a career in banking by having different bank departments teach the students about specific jobs and roles.

Waterford Bank is proud to have established this resource in the community, but also make efforts to meet students where they are. Employees from Waterford go to the local schools at least twice a year to prepare junior high and high school students on the financial skills they need to be successful. Waterford Bank has had the pleasure of working with students throughout its seven years of existence and hopes to continue this legacy far into the future.

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Throughout the month of August, we’ll be posting regular posts highlighting financial literacy information, including community banks who are active in their local communities’ financial literacy programs.

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