Community Banking Month Spotlight: First Bank


Today’s Member Spotlight focuses on First Bank in Southern Pines, N.C. In the following interview, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Digital Banking Hunter Young explains what is unique about this local community bank.

What is unique about your community bank?
We are positioned in the “sweet spot” for serving our communities. We are large enough to invest in the financial tools personal and business customers want today, but small enough to provide highly personalized service.

How does your community bank uniquely serve your local community?
Most of our associates have been invested in their respective communities since the day they were born. It’s easy to serve your neighbors when you have such an intimate knowledge of the history, culture and needs of your community.

What is the quirkiest, strangest or funniest thing you’ve seen at your community bank? Holidays bring out the best in our associates. Whether it’s a leprechaun or Santa Claus, you never know who might be helping you when you walk in to one of our branches.

What is your proudest moment from your time at your community bank?
Hearing the story of a single dad who lost his wife during childbirth and who needed help repairing his credit to afford a first home for him and his child. Our branch staff supported him through the darkest period of his life and helped him build his credit back and get him into a home where he could raise his son. That is the epitome of community banking to me.

What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on at your community bank?
Working with our customer intelligence team on the largest data project in our bank’s history: a full analysis of every transaction our customers make to understand exactly how clients bank with us. The information was eye-opening for many of our associates and will ultimately help us serve the variety of relationships we have today better.

How do you celebrate Community Banking Month?
April is a month we devote to the future! We spend the month teaching kids about financial literacy.


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