Community Banking Month Spotlight: Consumers National Bank

Community Banking Month Spotlight: Consumers National Bank
Today’s Member Spotlight focuses on Consumers National Bank from Minerva, Ohio. In the following interview, Vice President and Marketing Director Stephen Badman explains what is unique about this local community bank.

What is unique about your community bank?
Consumers National Bank was created in 1965 in Minerva, Ohio, but it was not created by bankers—it was started by local business men and women, including farmers. Their goal was to establish a locally owned community bank that would serve the needs of the businesses and farmers that were not being served by larger financial institutions. While the bank’s beginning is unique, what is also unique is that Consumers National Bank still adheres to that philosophy of serving the needs of businesses and farmers 50 years later.

How does your community bank uniquely serve your local community?
Consumers National Bank serves the community by meeting the needs of individuals and businesses in communities that are underserved by large banks, such as East Canton, Hanoverton and Waynesburg, Ohio, where there are no other banks. In two of these towns, large regional banks recently closed their branches, but Consumers has remained.

What is the quirkiest, strangest or funniest thing you’ve seen at your community bank? Consumers National Bank has participated in many homecoming and other parades in our communities over the years. There have been some quirky parade float themes, including a Cinderella float, a farm tractor pulling a hay bale float, and a motor boat full of people “Phishing” to raise awareness about fraud. We recently purchased cardboard doll houses for each branch to decorate to raise awareness about mortgage and home equity lines of credit (HELOC). The branch employees are being incredibly creative designing themes for the houses, including a beach house complete with sand, a floating house based on the movie “Up,” and one house that has gone to the dogs.

What is your proudest moment from your time at your community bank?
I am most proud of our employees when they go above and beyond the call of duty for customers. Just one example is of an employee from our deposit operations area who was working with an elderly customer who was having trouble with her cable bill. Knowing that the customer was home-bound and relied heavily on her TV for companionship, our employee drove to the cable company to get the issued resolved on a Friday night so the customer would not be without cable for the weekend.

What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on at your community bank?
My favorite project is our annual Agriculture Seminar that we hold for our farm customers. In conjunction with our agricultural lender, we develop a theme each year and then recruit ag specialists in that area to speak to the group. Some of the speakers come from the local Ohio State University extension offices and from OSU in Columbus. We have also had local accountants and attorneys speak about succession planning on the farm and the impact of new agriculture regulations. I feel that farmers are often overlooked in our culture and unrecognized for their vital contribution to our lives. We provide a brunch and lunch during the seminar, and I always feel proud about the bank giving back to our farm customers and making them feel good about their efforts.

How do you celebrate Community Banking Month?
We celebrate by putting fliers in our branches, running messages on our electronic signs inside and outside the branches, and posting the positive aspects of community banking on our Facebook page.


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