BankSouth from Lake Oconee, Ga.

Community Bank Spotlight: BankSouth
Today’s Member Spotlight focuses on BankSouth from Lake Oconee, Ga. CEO Harold Reynolds of BankSouth explains what is unique about his local community bank.

BankSouth, founded in 1946, is a family-owned community bank that has not only stood the test of time but has continued to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our customers and communities. We prioritize relationships and couple this with quality products, cutting-edge technology and services, and, most importantly, superior customer service.

Our approach to banking is what sets us apart: We are a family business that happens to be a bank. We are entrepreneurs at heart, and this drives us to focus on processes, measurable deliverables and maintaining a willingness to adjust to changing environments, opportunities and markets. In fact, we are known for finding creative solutions to fit our customers’ needs. There’s not much that a big bank can offer a customer that we are not already doing.

Sustainability and the long-term impact on our customers, communities, and employees drives our decisions and strategic initiatives. Examples of this are not few at BankSouth. When bank and mortgage company failures began in earnest in 2009, BankSouth began purchasing performing debts from the FDIC receiverships. By early 2011, BankSouth had acquired a loss-share bank from the FDIC in a neighboring market and partnered with an independent mortgage broker to form BankSouth Mortgage.  Today, BankSouth Mortgage is the No. 4 purchase mortgage and No. 3 construction mortgage provider in Georgia. Unlike many loss-share experiences, BankSouth stuck to its principles and in our third year of ownership was named the 2014 “Business of the Year” by the local chamber of commerce.

BankSouth is currently expanding our geographic footprint. Most recently, we opened up an Atlanta branch adjacent to our BankSouth Mortgage headquarters and are opening a Savannah branch later this spring. Additionally, the build-out of a correspondent lending channel has allowed BankSouth to further invest in and interact with community banks throughout the Southeast. Recognized as one of the top-performing community banks in the nation for the past three years, we continue to focus on exceeding customers’ expectations and seeking innovative ways to further serve our communities.

To read more about BankSouth in the May issue of Independent Banker, visit the Independent Banker magazine website.


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