Bank @ $chool with Citizens National Bank

For the past six years Citizens National Bank of Bossier City, LA has implemented “Bank @ $chool” programs at several elementary schools in their community.


Josie completes the passbook by entering the interest earned and updating the balance which she tells that amount to Ella Kate who is excited to watch her savings grow!

The Bank @ $chool program is based on the Louisiana Banker’s Education Council’s Bank @ $chool program. Citizens’ program has two complimenting components:

  1. First, the Bank provides financial literacy curricula to each school’s fourth grade teachers. The curricula is real world based and developed at an age and grade appropriate level.
  2. Second, once a month during the school year Citizens staff members visit the school for “Bank Day.” Bank Days give opportunities for students to serve each other as tellers, bookkeepers, security guards and branch managers; as the entire grade level brings their saving deposits. Tellers accept the deposits, while bookkeepers balance the account and calculate the interest earned.

At the end of the school year, students can convert their school account to a real Citizens savings account or get a check back for what the accumulate during the year.


Kennedy, Davis, Logan and Molly are prepared for our First Bank of Legacy deposit day. They were chosen to be security guards and Branch Managers through an application and interview process just as you would have done in the real job world.

Since beginning the program, Citizens has worked with more than 2,000 Bossier Parish students.  The believe – and hope – is that these students are developing a solid foundation in financial literacy.

korbin -molly deposit

After Molly’s deposit slip is complete, she proceeds to the teller, Korbin, who verifies the money and gives her a receipt.

“Our Bank @ $chool programs have had immeasurable benefits, not just for the students we serve, but our staff team as well,” said Jason Smith, executive vice president at Citizens National Bank and former president of the Louisiana Bankers Education Council. “The staff members that participate bring back stories of lessons learned and taught. It boost morale and gives the team an added sense of the value community bankers bring to the areas they serve”

molly-logan smile deposit

Molly and Logan fill out deposit slips before making their deposit with the tellers.

Throughout the month of August, we’ll be posting regular posts highlighting financial literacy information, including community banks who are active in their local communities’ financial literacy programs.

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