Quail Creek Bank Launches Mobile Features

Wouldn’t it be great to always have access to your money and know when you can splurge on a new sweater? What about depositing checks on the go or transferring money to your friend who covered your lunch tab?

With technology advancing and becoming more embedded in daily life, executives at Quail Creek Bank in Oklahoma City, Okla., saw the writing on the wall and sought a service to help customers bank on the go. Enter LINQ, a suite of various financial services that provides a unique, local banking experience when customers aren’t able to make it into the branch.

With more than 70 percent of the U.S. adult population owning a smartphone and more than 50 percent of smart phone users with bank accounts using mobile banking in the last 12 months, Quail Creek realized they needed to offer customers 24/7 mobile access to their accounts. They also became the first community bank in Oklahoma to offer an app for Apple Watch users.

Quail Creek Vice President of IT and Communications Duggan Roberts said the creation of LINQ came from an internal discussion with the community bank’s digital team, which saw a need for a mobile app and started the development process. The app, which is available for iPhones and Android devices, offers person-to-person payments, mobile banking and deposit, budgeting resources and other features, and it is updated frequently to keep up with changing technology and customer requests as they occur. Roberts said he believes having a strong digital presence will help attract the next generation of customers.

Just because Quail Creek is embracing its techy side, don’t assume it means this community bank is forgetting its roots of relationship banking. If anything, it strengthens them. “We’re offering the tools so customers can access their accounts from anywhere,” Roberts said. “But a lot of customers will still stop by to say ‘hi’ to the staff at our one branch in Oklahoma City.” This shows that they still value the relationship side of banking, even with the added convenience of technology such as LINQ, he said.

Whether someone is attending the University of Oklahoma or traveling hours away to visit grandchildren, Quail Creek is making sure all of its customers can continue to bank locally—even if they are away from home or simply on the go.